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The Lounge Gamblers : Blackjack Edition Lite

4.6 ( 5616 ratings )
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The Lounge Gamblers: Blackjack Edition

This game was created by a programmer(me) and a graphic designer for Blackjack enthusiasts who would like to experience something different than traditional Blackjack games.

TLG Blackjack was created from scratch to differ from existing Blackjack designs for iPad.
The game can be played together with friends and family(**Not available in Lite version) while enjoying its artistic graphics and modern design features.

TLG Blackjack offers fun game play and allows players to practice Blackjack any time without worrying about running out of money.
In single-player mode, you will be given free refills when your credit reaches zero(not hourly or daily). As your level increases, you will be given a larger amount credit as a free refill.

(**Not available in Lite version)
You will have a great time playing Blackjack with your friends and family in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, Play against dealer mode supports up-to 3 players and Play against players mode supports up to 4 players(In Play against players mode, the player totaling closest to 21, without going over 21, wins the round.)

* Single Player Mode (Play with several AI characters against the dealer)
* Multiplayer Modes (Play against dealer or Play against other players, No internet connection required) **Not available in Lite version
* Play with your friends (Only one iPad required) **Not available in Lite version
* Free Refills (You will receive free credits every time you go broke : Half of Full Version)
* Customize your character with your credits
* Play and enjoy the game without using In-App purchase at all.
(However, we added the In-App purchase option for people who want to customize characters faster.)
* No Notifications
(We hate annoying notifications as much as you do.)

* Blackjack pays 2 to 1
* Dealer stays on soft 17

We hope you enjoy playing The Lounge Gamblers: Blackjack Edition!